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Hankook iON ST AS SUV

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Maximise your EV's range with iON

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Maximise your EV's range with iON

Key Features

  • Extended Tread Life (ProDurable Compound) - Composed of advanced fillers and flexible rubber materials, ProDurable Compound provides higher mileage without compromising snow performance.

  • Even Tread Wear (Round Even Technology) - Tyres equipped on electric vehicles wear out approximately 20% faster with uneven wear than on ICE vehicles. iON ST AS SUV achieves uniform contact pressure by optimising contact structure through Round Even Technology. The iON ST AS SUV provides longer usage and less replacement.

  • Further Reduced Rolling Resistance (Opti Cure Technology) - The iON ST AS SUV achieved the highest grade of LRR performance by applying Opti Cure Technology which improves all parts of the tyre equally.

  • Drive in Peace (i Sound Absorber Technology) - Electric motors are almost soundless which results in the driver hearing more noise from the tyres. With i Sound Absorber Technology, the iON ST AS SUV offers a quiet and pleasant ride in all speed ranges.

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Size Load/Speed Runflat Load Range Vehicle Code Technology
215/60R17 96V
235/55R18 100V