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Tyrepower deep dive into CSA Wheels.

The CSA Alloy Wheels brand logo.

Before there was CSA, or any Australian wheel brand here in Australia, it was Mullins Auto Wheels. The Mullins Wheel company has been making and repairing wheels since 1905. It was around the same time that the first petrol driven car rolled off the production line in South Australia.

A young Merrington (right) with his father who was an early Australian wheelwright.

Mullins aspired to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a wheelwright (someone who repairs wheels and tyres) and in 1898 he started working at Lewis Cycle and Motor Works. In 1900, Merrington manufactured the wire wheels for the first petrol driven cars produced in South Australia.

Sandstone car retail and commercial business from the late 1890s in Adelaide.
An early 1900s car sits out the front of the first Mullins Auto business on Wyatt Street in Adelaide.

As the Cycle and Motor Works company began to expand, so did Mullins’ ambition and drive to own and operate his own automotive business. In 1905 the Mullins Repair and Engineering shop was established. Focusing on repairs for the automotive industry, parts had to be engineered and manufactured prior to fitting as there were no parts supplied in the early days of motoring.

The Motor House, a warehouse showroom for cars and motorcycles.

The Mullins auto business began to grow rapidly, expanding into new warehouses and retail space in Adelaide. By the 1920’s the name Mullins Auto Wheels brand was dominating the industry and market here in Australia. Mullins Wheels began to specialise in the fitment of pneumatic, balloon low pressure tyres to various vehicles to achieve flotation and improve tyre life. This generally involved the fitment of smaller diameter rims and rebuilding of wire, wooden or steel disc wheels. This was an enterprise for which Mullins Wheels became well known for.

An early 1900’s tip truck fitted with Mullins Steel wheels.

Through the 1920’s, Mullins Auto Wheels specialised in the conversion of solid rubber to pneumatic tyres for trucks, agricultural and commercial vehicles. This conversion created a much more comfortable ride for the driver and passengers, especially those travelling across the Australian outback, where roads in those early days were only dirt, dusty and corrugated.

Brick building with Mullins Wheels branding on a Sydney warehouse.

Through the 1970’s, Mullins Wheels continued to open branches across the country including Sydney (pictured), Melbourne and Perth, with their main operations and HQ in South Australia. Mullins opened the final branch in Brisbane, finalising the network and creating a true national brand.

By the mid 1980’s Mullins had founded an aluminium plant in South Australia and was now established as one of the leaders in Alloy Wheel manufacturers in Australia. It was in 1986 when Mullins made the purchase of CSA Wheels, adding the brand, along with Globe and Magnum, to the existing Delta product range.

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